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Shaka Ponk: The Final F#*cked Up Tour

Project type

Concert Photography


- 08 November 2023 -


- Zenith, Paris, France -

A Visual Chronicle of Shaka Ponk's 'The Final F#*cked Up Tour' in Paris. Immerse yourself in the vibrant chaos, electrifying performances, and raw emotion as these photographs transport you to the heart of the unforgettable musical frenzy that defined Shaka Ponk's farewell tour. Each image pulsates with the essence of the 'F#*cked Up' spirit, encapsulating the rebellious energy and sonic spectacle that marked the culmination of an era. This collection is a visceral journey through the lens, preserving the wild and untamed spirit of Shaka Ponk's electrifying live experience in the City of Lights
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